What is PTS?

Non-emergency patient transport services (PTS) are provided for patients who are being transported to an NHS funded service for NHS treatment and who are deemed medically eligible. This service is for non-urgent, planned transportation of patients whose medical condition is such that they require the skills or support of clinically trained PTS staff and/or their equipment on/after their journey.

Who will be providing PTS from 1 October 2013?

From 1 October 2013, E-zec Medical Transport Services will provide PTS services.

Who are E-zec Medical?

E-zec Medical are a family owned private ambulance company set up in 1998 by former NHS personnel. They have been chosen to provide PTS in Dorset as they work exclusively in the PTS sector, are experienced in providing the full range of PTS services and have successfully completed millions of patient journeys.

For more information on E-zec Medical visit the following website www.e-zec.co.uk.

How do I book patient transport?

You, or a nominated person on your behalf, will call the Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC) on 01278 727457. You will need your NHS number when calling. If you don't know it, you can ask your GP surgery or a health professional who is treating you and they will be able to provide it to you

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Am I eligible for PTS?

All patients will be assessed for their suitability for PTS using a short and simple series of questions when booking.

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If I’m not eligible for patient transport, what are the alternatives?

If you are not eligible for PTS, our Dorset PTB call handlers will explain the alternatives to you which will include public transport. If you’re on a low income you may be able to get financial help from the 'Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme' (HTCS).

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What do I do if I need an escort?

In most circumstances escorts are restricted to one per patient. All escorts will have to meet eligibility criteria explained to you during the booking process.


What will happen when I arrive at my appointment?

You will arrive outside the hospital or clinic’s entrance and if required, be assisted into the waiting area and/or ward. You will usually return to the pick up point or waiting area and your transport home organised.