All patients will be assessed for their eligibility for PTS. 


Patients are entitled to patient transport if:


  • Travelling by any other means would have a serious detrimental effect on the patient’s condition or recovery.


  • The patient has restricted mobility and is unable to self-mobilise (ie is unable to stand or walk more than a few steps). This includes a pre-existing condition or where it would be detrimental to their condition or recovery to travel by any other means.


  • The patient requires support from a qualified PTS crew during the journey and is required to lie down for at least part of the journey or they are a stretcher patient.


  • The patient is being transferred to another NHS facility and requires medical assistance during the journey.


  • The patient requires continuous oxygen or other medical gases or intravenous support.


  • The patient has clearly recognised disabilities and is genuinely unable to travel by private or public transport to and from their appointments.


To confirm eligibility for PTS, the Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC) will ask patients some short and simple questions. You or a nominated person on your behalf will be asked these questions when you call to make a booking. 

There are three possible outcomes when you are assessed for eligibility:


  1. You qualify for patient transport, based on your medical need.

  2. You do not qualify for patient transport on medical grounds, but your transport costs may be reimbursed because you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit. For more information CLICK HERE

  3. You do not qualify for patient transport and will be given guidance on what the other options are.